In the era of the original Four Horsemen, there comes a Legend. 

At a time when Humans were just starting to venture forth into the Galactic Union as mercenaries, Martin Quincy survived long enough to do something no one else had—he retired.

There was only one problem. He got bored.

After battling aliens for many years—killing aliens and getting paid—retirement didn’t suit him, and he decided to strap on the combat armor and go back to the stars. Along with his old friend Kal, Martin joined Cartwright’s Cavaliers, humanity’s best merc company. Life was exciting!

But he got bored. Again.

What does a ‘Legend’ do when even the merc life gets boring? He starts his own company! Can Martin form a merc company out of non-merc races and stand up for the downtrodden of the galaxy, or has his long string of good luck finally run out? One thing is for sure—with Torvasi and Andori troopers, and a Sirra’Kan princess as his partner, he won’t get bored again!

Fourteen outstanding authors. Fourteen extraordinary stories. One bestselling universe.

It’s the Twenty-Second Century. The galaxy has opened up to humanity as a hyperactive beehive of stargates and new technologies, and we suddenly find ourselves in a vast playground of different races, environments, and cultures. There’s just one catch: we are pretty much at the bottom of the food chain.

Enter the Four Horsemen universe, where only a willingness to fight and die for money separates Humans from the majority of the other races. Enter a galaxy not only of mercenaries, but also of Peacemakers, bounty hunters, and even a strung-out junkie in the way of a hired assassin.

Edited by bestselling authors and universe creators Mark Wandrey and Chris Kennedy, “A Fistful of Credits” includes all-new stories in the Four Horsemen universe by a variety of bestselling authors—and some you may not have heard of…yet. The fourteen authors take on various aspects of the universe, giving you additional insight into a galaxy that isn’t at war…but definitely isn’t at peace. There’s only one thing for sure—anything’s possible for a fistful of credits!

Contains: "Legends" by Christopher Woods

Colin Rourke has been hunted his entire life by a race of creatures that travel through portals to our world to capture or slaughter people. The Soulguard, armed with the knowledge of how to harness the power of the Soul, are all that stand in their way. They wage a secret war in the dark, unknown to all but a few. Colin, raised in secret by two legendary Soulguards, has almost reached the age where he can join the struggle. He has abilities unseen for a thousand years and his very existence is a catalyst that could start a conflagration, consuming the whole world. Can he and the Soulguard stop what is coming? Or will our world be enslaved by the race only known as Demons?

With everything out in the open, It is time to prepare the world for the war that is coming. Colin Rourke and his forces must be ready to meet the Kresh when they return. Colin must also face the changes in himself from the Kresh DNA in his own body. Can they prepare in time or will the "Demons" ravage our world?

After Second Kansas the world waits for the other shoe to drop. The Kresh have come twice and been held off by Colin Rourke and the Soulguard. Defenses are growing and the forces of Earth are arming themselves for war. Colin is trying to come to terms with the darkness inside of him with the help of Lyrica Jayne. But that darkness may be just what the world needs when millions of Kresh pour through another Great Gate.

The world is reeling after the carnage in Africa. The forces of Earth with the Source weapons created by Colin's company stood with the Soulguard and claimed victory. Now the aftermath will be left to deal with and Colin's secret about his DNA is out. Rumors of another Clan are already circulating and it will be a race to prepare for a fourth wave of Kresh to come after our world. Can the Soulguard and the myriad armies of our planet stop one of the Elder Kresh and his massive army?

The last thing Rictor Hughes expected when he chose to give his life in Kansas to save others was to wake up. Even more surprising was to find himself on the other side of the exploding gateway in a facility under the care of an Artificial Intelligence with psychological issues. The world outside is inhabited by millions of the Kresh and millions of humans under their control. What is a Marine, turned Soulguard to do? Start a revolution, of course...

In a world after the apocalypse left from the Corporate Wars, Mathew Kade does a job most cannot. He finds those who are lost using skills left from a time before the Fall. The city is a broken shadow of its former self with blocks controlled by Warlords and danger that lurks around every corner. Thugs and killers walk the streets and things could get even more complicated after a local Warlord places a bounty on the head of Kade. Bounty hunters from far and wide may be after his head, but this is just a short walk in the park for a former Corporate Agent....

Mathew Kade has taken cases to find missing people many times. He's taken cases to find items lost during the Fall of civilization after the Corporate Wars. He's investigated murders and thefts. But the search for a serial killer in the tunnels under a broken city might be the strangest case he's taken. With the help of a couple of Squires from the Society of the Sword, he is in pursuit of a deadly person who has been killing for more than twenty five years. Looks like Kade has his work cut out for him.