I am Christopher Woods, writer of fiction, teller of tales, professional liar.

I am a proud holder of the original BS degree and have been thoroughly amazed to learn that so many people like my work.

I published my first book, Soulguard, in September of 2014 and, to my astonishment, I sold fifty copies.

I was ecstatic.

The next month seven hundred more sold and I was amazed. Then the next month eleven hundred more. So I released my second book, Soullord, in January of 2015.

After that month, I quit one of my two jobs and have written two novellas, seven more novels, a bunch of short stories in various anthologies, and I have plans for many more adventures in the future.

Now I split my time between writing and construction remodel projects. With luck, that will change to full time writing in the near future. So come on in and take a look around.

Buy some books and tell some lies! And if you don't want to tell any, just listen as I tell a few.